Pet Portraits - Black labrador in pastels


Art & Design by Terry Austen

Art & Design by Terry Austen

Art & Design by Terry AustenArt & Design by Terry AustenArt & Design by Terry Austen

Unique and Beautiful Artworks


Terry creates beautiful detailed portraits of pets from photographs. These can either be supplied by yourself or she will visit your home and take photographs herself. She likes to meet her subject, if possible, as she feels she can capture more of the animals personality in the finished portrait.

Portraits make wonderful and personal gifts.

About Me


About Me

I have over 22 years experience of illustration and design and have illustrated well over a hundred titles.

Since I was a young child, I loved art, but I also loved my animals and wildlife too. I was very fortunate to be able to travel so extensively when I was young, and visited many countries and wildlife in the wild. I also grew up in a family that loved animals, so our house was always filled with dogs (four of them), cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters and snakes. Today is no different, and my house is filled with furry love.

Although I have always loved illustrating books, I am now turning my attention to my first love, animals and pets. 

I have worked for a number of high profile individuals and in 2011, was selected by The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, for ‘The Best of Wildlife Art’

If you are looking to have a portrait done of your dearest furry friend, or any other commissions, please get in touch. 


My Medium

Over the years I have used many different mediums, from oils, to water colour and pencil. Today, for my portraits, I prefer to work in chalk pastels and pencil.